MCC-216 Specification

Hardware Specification:

  • 16 MByte SDRAM
  • 2 MByte Flash
  • Micro SD card interface
  • USB Host interface (USB 1.1) for future expansion
  • USB Device interface (USB 1.1)
  • Video Out VGA out
  • Stereo Audio Out (3.5 mm jack)
  • 2x joystick interfaces (DB-9 connector)
  • FPGA

Mechanical Specification:
Front and Rear MCC-216 (VGA)



  • 2x DB-9 Joystick Interfaces for classic retro joysticks
  • Micro SD card interface for FPGA cores, boot and system rom, games and application data
  • USB Host interface for future expansion of the MCC with external devices (Joypads, etc.)

The back panel supports:

  • Mini USB interface for power supply
  • Stereo Audio Out (3.5mm aux jack)
  • VGA high quality video out
  • PS-2 interface for keyboard
  • PS-2 interface for mouse

Dimension and weight:

5.50×5.25×1.63 inch (LxWxH),

8 oz14x14x4 cm (LxWxH), 250g

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