Multiple Classic Computer MCC-216

A dream has become reality.

Product Video:

Imagine a device which can integrate several classic computers from the 70s, 80s and 90s in the same size as two cigarette packs.

It plugs right in your computer monitor or TV set.
No need for floppies, diskettes, tapes and other storage media.
It is now reality with the Multiple Classic Computer.

Enjoy the classic computer experience from the past with modern technology.

The MCC-216 supports:

  • Commodore Amiga 500, Commodore C64
  • ATARI 2600, ATARI 5200, ATARI 800 XL
  • ZX Spectrum
  • Apple2e
  • Wireless USB Gamepad TORID





The MCC emulates in real hardware the classic computer.
This is the only system which has the real time behavior of the original.


Customer Feedback:


“I have now taken delivery of my MCC-216 and I have to say that is it awesome. I’m pleased that I went with the VGA version and the picture is of a really high standard.”

“The joystick brought back so many memories. :)”Toronto Thumps – Initial Review MCC-216


“Love the MCC, just downloaded the core for the ATARI 2600,….”


“With that said, you guys have made a great product and should be proud of your work. I am very happy with my unit.”


“I have one that I bought at the C4 Expo. I ‘LOVE’ it. Some people stated how easy is it to update. I did a quick You Tube of it. After finding out how, it is ‘very’ simple.”


“I saw it in action over the past weekend at the C4 conference and was really impressed. I like that you can just plug in a PC keyboard and TV with original joysticks and have PAL and NTSC emulation on one machine.”

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