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Commodore C64 and AMIGA game bundle


with more than 255 C64 games and 45 AMIGA games.

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Commodore C64 and AMIGA Software
for the Multiple Classic Computer

ArcadeRetroGaming presents the ultimate Commodore C64 and AMIGA game bundle with more thean 255 C64 games and 45 AMIGA games.

Power by Cloanto based on Amiga Forever and on C64Forever™.

Get theSD-card for the Multiple Classic Computer now!

Ready to plug into your MCC-TV or MCC-216.

This boundle enables all MCC user to enjoy more than 255 classic C64 games and up to 100 demos and 45 AMIGA games from the good old 80th and 90th.

Furthuremore installing the software on the PC allow expanding the application library with content available on the Internet or as well with personal content.

 Powered by Cloanto®


– Micro SD card with 255 C64 and 45 AMIGA games

– All new Classic Computer and Retro Gaming cores for the MCC

– Micro SD to SD-card adapter

List of games for Commodore C64 and AMIGA bundle:


AMIGA Forever (100+ games) AMIGA Forever
ArkanoidAstro Marine CorpsAunt Arctic AdventureBattle Squadron – The Destruction of the
Barrax EmpireCosmo Ranger – SOL AD 2000Cricket CaptainCyberblastDatastormDr. Mario


Face Off





Hilt – Against the Hoardes

Hilt II



Kick Off

Kick Off 2

Kick Off 3

Kick Off 3 – European Challenge

Kid PoolKrypton EggLost Dutchman MineMega MotionMind WalkerNippon Safes Inc.Over the NetOverlanderPlayer Manager

Ports of Call





Tie Break


UMS – The Universal Military Simulator

World Cup ’90








C64 Forever (100+ games) 155 PD games
19 Part One – Boot Camp Meteor Dodger II 10-Pin Bowling Icecave
Ad Infinitum Modulus 1k-Mini-Bash Intergalacticwar
Arkanoid – Revenge of Doh Moonshadow 2tron Invasive Action
Athena Neuronics 8 Enemy Queens Joe Gunn
Auf Wiedersehen Monty Olympic Skier Abducted Joy Pitfall
BC’s Quest for Tires Operation Fireball Advanced Action Movie Simulator Labyrinth
Big Mac – The Mad Maintenance Over the Net Alien Bash Lame Shot
Blazer Pac-Mania Alien Battle Lemans Infinity Hours
BOFH – Servers Under Siege Pacmania Alien Battle II Light Cycles
Bombo POD – Proof of Destruction Ann Gong Lines 64
Choplifter Pontoon AntiISDA Warrior Little Batty
Chuck Rock Projext x AP Little Sara Sister
Clik Clak Rally Cross Astrostorm Little Sara Sister
Counter Force Rampart Atlantis Loopy Landa
Cyberball – Football in the 21 Red Alert Aural Manoeuvres II Manky
Cybernoid – The Fighting Machi RISK – Rapid Intercept Seel an B-Bert MArkanoid
Cybernoid II – The Revenge Rollaround Bable Bale Mazemen
Dan Dare III – The Escape Rolling Ronny Baby Pacs Mine Field
Death Wish 3 Salamander Bacgamon Minesweeper 64
Deliverance Slug Ball Minima
Devious Designs Smash TV Ballonflug Minima Reloaded
Duck Shoot Space Gold Balls and Walls Missile Alert
Equinox Space Talisman Bart Simpson Moggy
European Champions Split Personalities Battle Bound Project Monopoly CBM-64
Exolon Squirm Battle Khaos Nachtangriff
Extreme Stone Age Beat Machine Negaris III
F1 GP Circuits Stormloard Beelzebubbles Nibble
Fearless Fred and the Factory Super Cars Bellringer Olympics 2004 Athens
Formular 1 Simulator Super Scramble Simulator Bellringer II Paddlepong
Frogger Super Snake Simulator Bertram der Bandwurm PING the Pingo Pong Clone
Frost Byte Super Space Invaders Black Hole Plat 3064
Gilbert – Escape from Drill Supremacy Blackjack Poo Poo – The Bathroom from Hell
Heades Nebula Terramex Blast that Plane! Psycho Flipu
Hero of the Goleden Talisman The Flintstone Blastapede Quadrix
Hummdinger The Second World Blockie Quolder Dash 15
Island Blitz Tie Break Bloo’s Magic Trip Quolder Dash 16
Jackpot 64 Time Machine BMX Forest Race Quolder Dash 25
Kickstart Toobin’ Bob the Porcupine Ralli
Kickstart II Trailblazer Boulder Dash 50 Rally Shallenge
Laserwheel Trailblazer II BoxWorld Ramses
Licence to Kill Trans World BrainWave Rendezvous im Weltraum
Lode Runner Turn it 2 Breakout Repel
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Video Meanies Bugs in Buggyland Rocks in Space
Lunar Rescue Vixen Bulldozer Scramble
Lupo Alberto Wall Street Cactus Jack Shell Reef
Mad Monty Warm Up Chopper Marauder Shiftball
Mario Bros. Westminster Cosmic Smash 4K
Maze Wheeler Dealer Cowboys Solitaire
Metal Warrior 3 Where in the world is Carmen S Crimp – The Battle Source of Light
Metal Warrior 4 World Cup ‘ 90 – Arcade Soccer Das Gianna-Sisters Construction-Kit Space Demons
Yie Ar Kung-Fu II Diabolo Space Invaders
Djihad Chess Space Waste
Dog Fight Spacedash!
Dot Eater Spacezoom
Driller Spider
DUAL 1024 Star Trek
DUAL 1024+ Stunt Rider
Dux Sudoku
Elav Super Cobra
Elian Tank Wars
ELIMIN8! Tarkus 4K
Escape from New York Tegen Aanval
Find Another Way! The Hand of Doom
Fist of Fury II The Maze Graze Game
Flubble and Squij Tinyrinth
Formula 1K Total Shut Down
Fortress of Narzod Tron – Light Cycles
Freecell Tron – Light Cycles II
Frosty the Snowman II Tron!2000
Galactica Twists and Turns
Galax U-Boot
Gallery Uleaborg
Gap Man Valley of Death
GNU Sudoku 64 Venus Express
Go Wheels of Steel
Gorilla Xetris
Haras Yar’s Return
Hungry Worm


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